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          ABOUT US


          Pipe bender manufacturer

          Suzhou Hean Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is an enterprise specializing in the research and development and production of pipe bending and forming equipment and a complete set of pipe fitting automation workstations.
          The main products of the enterprise include: ELECT series all-electric numerical control pipe bender, H-ELECT series oil-electric hybrid numerical control pipe bender, free pipe bender, numerical control rounding machine, numerical control pipe cutting machine, pipe end forming machine and other pipe processing equipment.
          The core team of the enterprise is composed of the top mechanical and system engineering personnel in the industry. The excellent professional technology enables our equipment to update and iterate continuously and rapidly, and always maintains the leading level in the industry.
          Taking the world's advanced equipment as the prototype, the company has successively developed its own characteristic brand equipment. It can be connected with industrial robots, CMMs, CCD industrial vision and other products to realize the functions of automatic loading and unloading of pipe fittings, weld identification, bend data detection, and reverse compensation of bend programming data.
          All models of Hean are independently developed, with complete 3D digital and analog data, which can accurately display 3D pipe fittings and process demonstration to judge interference. It is the preferred molding equipment for complex pipe shapes.
          Hean pioneered the function of "first piece qualified" for pipe bending products, and established its own pipe fitting forming data model library to continuously optimize and improve equipment performance and functions.
          We adhere to the core competitive concept of "delivering equipment satisfying customers and providing services exceeding customers' expectations", and strive to make you a satisfied customer. We sincerely look forward to working with you to create brilliance.


          • Pipe bender R &amp; D team

            Strong R &amp; D team

          • Pipe bender Technology

            Multiple patented technologies

          • Years of experience in pipe bender manufacturing

            Years of manufacturing and service experience


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